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Hi Panther Families,

Are your children struggling with anxiety, depression, self-worth, grief and loss, suicide ideation, family strife and other mental health concerns?


We are pleased to share that we have a free and confidential web service available for families called is a web service developed by licensed therapists providing trusted and specialized courses, professional support and a safe community for parents to learn how to support their children and get answers to mental health questions. 


PARENTGUIDANCE.ORG is a trusted resource to find answers to help you support and help your children.  Courses such as “Parenting with a Purpose” and “Unlocking your Inner Parent Super Hero” will provide you with tools to form stronger bonds with your children and help them through the difficult times of childhood. is free and confidential. 

Look for this logo on our homepage to learn more about this free service available to our district.


Kindest Regards,


Dr. Fuerstenau