M.A.K.E.-I.T. is a Before and After School Program associated with Litchfield School District. We meet at Madison Park School in the gym. We open at 6 am. Your student will go to their class or the shuttle bus at 7:45. After school we are open after school until 6 pm. Students will be sent on the shuttle bus to Madison Park after school.

In the morning we have enrichment activities. After school we will have some free time and a snack, and then we will do homework/study time Monday through Thursday. We have enrichment activities on Fridays.

You can sign your child up with a regular schedule. We also accept Drop-Ins as long as space is available and the proper paperwork has been filled out.

MakeIt contact information:

Kelley Walker, Director

Phone: 217-324-5217 

Office hours vary. The Remind App or Email are the easiest forms of communication.


Feel free to email at any time.

Remind app:


Join us on Facebook to see what we have done and what we plan to do.

 Kelley Walker- Director

I have been working for M.A.K.E.-I.T. for 15 years.

“My favorite thing is when the students are having so much fun learning that they do not realize they are learning.”


Mrs. Taylor- Summer Assistant Director

I have been working for M.A.K.E.-I.T. for 14 summers.

“I am excited seeing the students smile and enjoy all the activities we have planned we have planned for them.”


To register, fill out these forms and return to Kelley Walker at Madison Park School with the Registration Fee