Seniors Showcase It! - Career Exploration Continues at LHS

On Monday, March 15th the Litchfield seniors took part in the “iDream” U of I Extension career exploration lesson titled “Showcase It!”.

U of I Program Coordinator Valerie Belsuko and Litchfield Career Services Coordinator Abby Carlson facilitated a lesson in which the Litchfield Senior’s focused on their goals for their future. Classes discussed vision boards and how they can be used as everyday reminders to reach for your goals. Seniors discussed their plans for after high school including both short and long-term goals they have for themselves. The students were encouraged to think about what they want all aspects of their life to look like such as their careers, family, and leisure time once they graduate from high school. They then found pictures that represented those goals and dreams and used them to create their personal vision boards. Once they completed their vision boards students set it as their Chromebook wallpaper so they have a visual reminder of what they are working towards. 

The “iDream iCreate” U of I Extension curriculum remains a centerpiece of Litchfield CUSD #12’s intentional plan on assisting every student with career pathway exploration so that every student leaves high school confident in their initial career plan.