K-5 Students Explore a "Galaxy" of Careers

Throughout this school year, Litchfield’s K-5th graders have been participating in career education through Kuder Inc.’s on-line Galaxy program. This program takes the student through 6 planets as they explore different career pathways all based on the research of the Holland Theory of Career Choice. 

During the month of January, the students visited Planet Artistic and Planet Social. The Social planet lessons were modified to be covid safe. The 2nd and 3rd graders made shields for their family ‘teams’ by listing people who live in their homes, counting the number of letters in all of those names, and then drawing a team symbol. Those classes discussed how even though everyone’s family may look different, they all represent their support team. Kindergarten and 1st grade solved riddles by answering ‘Who am I’. The riddles were based on their school support team, such as the teacher, other students, janitor, and bus drivers. 4th and 5th graders learned how to put high school and college events into chronological order. 5th graders also discussed the difference between volunteering and service-learning experiences. 


The remaining two planets for Galaxy, planets Enterprising and Conventional, will begin on March 22.