Mental Health Series

If you weren't able to join us last Wednesday for our  session on  "Why Children Self-harm and How Parents Can Help”, you can watch the recording at the link below.  After viewing the recording it is our hope that you know the signs of self-harm, how to help someone who is self-harming, and you are not alone! Self-harm is not the same as Suicidal Ideation, but it could show that your child is trying to release painful emotions. If you think your child is self-harming, look for the indicators such as unusual scarring, bruising, long-sleeves in warmer weather, etc. Take a moment to make sure you have a handle on your own emotions, then have a safe and compassionate conversation with your child so that you can ask and understand why they are self-harming. Validate your child and help them make a plan to soothe and release their emotions safely.

You can access the recording here: