Row the Boat

“When you literally talk about rowing the boat, you’re facing the opposite direction the bow of the boat is actually going,” he said. “You’re not able to see the future. We’ve set sail and we’ve set our direction from point A to point B, whether it’s to be the first person in your family to get a college education or to beat cancer. We’re making it global and community-based. Everyone can relate to this. The boat is set in a direction and we’re rowing. We can’t see the future but we can see our past. Our past is the program. It’s the people. That’s what we’re looking at and we’re learning as we go. We don’t know if there’s a waterfall ahead of us, rocks, smooth seas or sunsets. We have no idea. We just have to keep rowing.”
——-Coach PJ Fleck

There are three parts to rowing the boat.

  1. The oar, which is the energy behind rowing the boat.

  2. There is boat, which is the actual sacrifice

  3. There is also the compass. Every single per-son that comes in contact with our school they are all going for one common goal and that is success.”