Parents, we have put together the following information to enable you to make an educated decision about online only learning. Below you will see a list of all courses that could be available to your student(s) and a table representing potential schedules for a student in each grade level This link will provide you with access to the course structure/scope & sequence of each course. In addition, please see the demo student log in information below for access to the Edgenuity program. This will give you access to see what the online program will look like for your student(s).

Edgenuity Student Login link: https://auth.edgenuity.com/Login/Login/Student

Freshman Demo Student Login: demstude7034 Password: demo

Sophomore Demo Student Login: sopstude78 Password: demo

Junior Demo Student Login: junstude93 Password: demo

Senior Demo Student Login: senstude48 Password: demo

These demo student classes were selected to give you an idea of what courses will look like. Course electives can still be individualized.

Courses require approximately 1 hour of engagement each day to complete. Students will be enrolled in 7 courses, so remote learning will therefore require the student to work approximately 7 hours each day to earn credit.