LHS Sophomores had to "Be Smart!" for Latest Career Lessons

On Tuesday, March 2nd the Sophomores participated in the “iDream” U of I Extension career exploration lesson titled “Be SMART!”.


U of I Program Coordinator Valerie Belsuko and Litchfield Career Services Coordinator Abby Carlson facilitated a lesson on how to set ‘SMART’ goals for yourself. Classes discussed the steps to make specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely goals. Students were tasked with setting one personal short-term and long-term goal, and then one goal for their family or community. The sophomores learned how in the words of Will Smith to Fail Forward, to learn from their failures in order to grow in any aspects of their lives. Students also discussed how to hold themselves and others accountable for their goals and dreams in a positive and productive manner. 

The “iDream iCreate” U of I Extension curriculum remains a centerpiece of Litchfield CUSD #12’s intentional plan on assisting every student with career pathway exploration so that every student leaves high school confident in their initial career plan.